A Guide For First Time DUI Offenders

If it is your first time suffering a DUI charges, and the basis for this was a blood or breathe alcohol test that registered above the legal limit of .08, then you need to accept that you will face a conviction. A properly administered test is all that the prosecution needs to present to prove that you are guilty in all 50 states. Even if you were not slurring your speech and passed the field sobriety test, you will likely still be convicted. Unless you have a really good defense that can be backed up like medication that affected the test results, then your best bet is negotiating a plea bargain such as a wet reckless to avoid too severe a penalty.

Gavel, Alcoholic Drink & Car Keys on a Gradated Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.Keep in mind that there is a combination of about 5 punishments that will be imposed. The first is jail time. The period will typically vary on a case to case basis but does not go beyond 90 days on the first conviction. The second is a fine. The amount can vary from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Again the amount set will be at the discretion of the judge. Next will be the license suspension. This lasts about a month and is usually followed by restrictions. This means that for several months afterwards, you will be restricted as to the places you can drive to. In most instances people are restricted to driving directly from home to work and back.

Another punishment will be mandatory attendance of an alcohol treatment program. The period of attendance will depend on the blood alcohol level recorded. Another possible consequence is that of an ignition interlock device being installed on your vehicle. They prevent you from driving if sensors pick up that you have been drinking alcohol. This can be expensive since it is the driver who pays for installation and monthly fees. If it is not your first offense, it is recommended that you hire a San Francisco DUI DefenseĀ to represent you. The same penalties are applied in repeat cases but to a harsher degree making the necessity of professional legal advice important. To learn more, you may visit relevant legal sites.

You can view DUI Laws on the California DMV Site.

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