Consequences Of Driving While Drunk

Driving while under the influence (DUI) is a fairy serious offense which can have severe repercussions if you are caught and prosecuted. If you find yourself unlucky enough to have been pulled over while in a state of intoxication above the legal limit, then chances are you are about to have charges brought against you. Because of the dangers associated with this kind of driving, states like California take the offense quite seriously. The punishment for this offense can vary depending mostly on how many times the same offense appears on your record, but typically involves jail time, fines, license suspension and interlock ignition device installation on your vehicle. For first time offenders, with a slightly higher than the limit level of intoxication, and without history of similar offenses, it may be possible to represent yourself successfully in court without much trouble.

dui attorneyIn many instances first time offenders will only have a pay fines totaling about $2,000. If sentenced to jail time, it is not usually much more than a couple of days. License restrictions are often imposed for several months. These restrictions will typically involve eh driver only being allowed to operate their vehicle when driving to and from work, or to and from an alcohol treatment program. Where the level of intoxication was particularly high, the judge may require the successful completion of such a program. The length of the program is usually commiserated with the blood alcohol level. Suspension of the driving license for about a month is also commonplace.

If it is not a first offense, then you definitely should hire a San Francisco DUI Attorney. The main benefit is that you have someone experienced and adept at navigating administrative issues and can better handle plea or sentencing bargaining details on your behalf. There are actually a multitude of defenses one can apply to their case, but this is best left in the hands of a professional.

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