Common Mistakes Police Make During DUI Arrests

A part of knowing your rights during DUI cases is in learning the potential mistakes police officers may make during the traffic stop that can help your defense in case of arrest. If you are sober enough, you should take careful note of these likely mistakes and brief your DUI lawyer who can use them to your advantage. The first thing you should ensure you establish form the officer is his reason for pulling you over. There are many justifications he can legally use such as a broken tail lights, failure to use signals and overspeeding. Be sure to remain respectful but also nail down his reason.

The officer is also meant to ask pertinent questions as to why you may not have been driving correctly. This should not only cover how many drinks you may have had, but also any medication you are under. Remember however that you are not legally obligated to give an answer to these questions. The officer may also likely have asked you to undertake a physical field sobriety test. This usually involves walking in a straight line. If he did not take into account any injury you may have suffered that would compromise its results, then you should inform your lawyer.

The officer should also give you a fair chance to carry out the test. If ht ground is covered in snow or there is loose gravel, your ability to walk straight may be impaired making the test unfair. Another good tip when you know you are sober is to insist on the officer turning on his camera if it is not already on. He should also give very clear instructions on how the test works and should advise you of your rights. If he or she fails to comply with these requirements, the results of the test can be invalidated.

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