Mistakes to Avoid When Facing a DUI Conviction

SuniMany people who are arrested during traffic stops for DUI offenses tend to take the matter lightly, especially when it is their first offence. The fact is that a DUI conviction is a serious one and will remain on your criminal record for a lifetime. It will be a matter of public record and you carry the risk of being given jail time, paying hefty fines, forced to undergo counseling, losing your license and being compelled to install an ignition interlock device. You stand to make your life a whole lot more complicated than it already is.

Many take example from celebrities who serve probation or community service for similar offenses. These people however have high priced lawyers who will work the system the best they can to get their clients off. Do not make the mistake of representing yourself or using public defenders in such cases. Find the most experienced and successful DUI layer you can afford to represent you. The more high priced you are willing to go, the better defense you are likely to get. Do not base your decision on the lowest rates because it is likely such a lawyer is too inexperienced to be of any positive use.

Some also make the mistake of continuing to dive yet their license has been suspended. Until your case at the DMV is resolved, you need to avoid breaking any further laws.  Remember that the DMV case will be separate from the DUI case so be sure to have your lawyer follow up on it and help you get back your license as soon a possible. In case you have a good defense, then do not accept any first offer form the prosecutor, especially if it involves accepting the charges. This is usually an attempt to lighten the load of case on the prosecutor’s desk. Exercise your right to defend yourself, there are many who have had such case quashed and even gone on to successfully sue against the arrest.

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