The Most Popular DUI Lawyers In The Specific Field

11The car accident is like an earthquake, as it always finds us unprepared, without any brace and fully weakened. A car accident might terrorize us, surprise us, as well as create block of every kind and nature, psychologically, financially and even emotionally. These kinds of feelings are transmitted to the environment and pretty often they lead to incorrect choices. The best thing that you can do if you get involved in a car accident and especially if you are the only one who is responsible, because you have been driving under the influence of substances, is to find the best and most reliable DUI lawyer, in order for you to be represented in the way that you want.

It is important to know that it is forbidden to drive any kind of vehicle if you are a driver who drives the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines. It is forbidden, because it has been proven that driving under these circumstances, you cannot be expected to have the same reactions and this can affect the ability of the driver. A controlled driver is considered to be the one who drives under the influence of alcohol when the percentage in his body is 0.50 grams per liter of blood. In case of a fatal DUI accident, the control for the finding the actual percentage of alcohol, drugs or medicines, in the body must be made by blood tests to the deceased persons and from those who have survived the accident. On the other hand, in some cases the percentage of substances in the body is taken with urine tests or with exhaled air and it is sure that medical certification is needed from a public hospital. In case of a DUI car accident with personal injury, control for the finding of alcohol in the body is either done with exhaled air with corresponding device that is breathalyzers or with the use of blood sampling. If the driver has been proven to drive under the influence of drugs or medicines, that in accordance with their instructions that may affect their ability to drive is punished by imprisonment of at least two months and a fine of some thousands of dollars. All at once, the removal of the driver license for a really long period of time can be decided or permitted by the court. So, in case you need someone in order to represent you at the court whether you are a victim or even if you are the only responsible person for the DUI car accident, you need to make some advanced search to find the most reliable San Diego DUI Attorneys in the field.

To sum up, do not hesitate and look for an experienced and talented DUI lawyer now, in order not to face any similar problems in the future and get the best services. It is in your hands to make the most out of your defensive line and hire the most reliable professional for such a task.

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