Common Penalties for DUI Convictions

1Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a very common offense, but his doses not mean the punishments involved are all that simple. Many people are misled by the manner in which celebrity cases of DUI attract very low penalties. In reality these people have access to very good league counsel that comes at a premium price. For the ordinary person, hiring such a San Francisco DUI Attorney is out of their league. This means you should be even more aware of the likely penalties. Being informed can help encourage you to avoid such a scenario playing out at all.

The chief penalty that a DUI conviction attracts is suspension of license. This means that for a predetermined period you will to be able to drive. This can be very hard on a person who relies on their vehicle for work purposes and family obligations. Another penalty is fines. The amount will typically vary depending on the feelings of the judge, whether you are a repeat offender, if you have a DUI lawyer representing you and the jurisdiction. Jail time is also a real possibility. For first time offenders the period can be anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. For repeat offenders however the period can be much longer.

The time you will have to take away from work to cover this sentence can be devastating. UDI offenders are also often required to attend drunk driving school. This attendance includes classes and possibly evaluations by counselors.  You will need to pay for the classes. Another penalty is interlock ignition devices. They are basically breathalyzers for your ignition. They can be imposed on even first time offenders, and you pay out of pocket for the device and its installation. Besides these legal penalties, you will also have to contend with damage to your reputation as such offences are a matter of public record, and the increase in your auto insurance rates. See more details about DUI convictions to learn more.

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