How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over for DUI

2Whatever the offense you may be charged with, a police officer must have probable cause for puling you over when on the road. Probably cause is always factored in when such cases are heard and it can be useful to your San Francisco DUI Defense to provide that there was no such cause, especially where the evidence is not adequate in providing you were indeed drunk. One of the best ways to avoid giving an officer cause to pull you over is to keep your car in good shape. Anything from damaged bodywork to a burnt out taillight is reason enough to pull you over. Make sure to properly maintain your vehicle. Remember that even if the damage is minimal and would be had to see at night, the officer and still claim it as a justification. This is the reason so many officers will take their time inspecting eh vehicle before talking to you.

Another way to erase this justification is to obey traffic rules. Using your indicator lights and stopping at stop signs is important. A single failure to do so, even where no one else was endangered is still cause enough for a police officer to pull you over. Also avoid over speeding. This is another offense that will add to the charges you would already suffer. Another way to avoid getting pulled over is to not drive at night. There are prime periods of the week and day when police officers are particularly on the lookout for drunk drivers. Fridays and Saturdays and late evening hours are peak periods. Another issue that is most likely to cause you to be pulled over is erratic driving. Most people know their tolerance for alcohol and as such should take steps to avoid driving altogether when they know their competence is impaired. Find out more about DUI by checking this site.

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