Alcohol Consumption and Inebriation

3When drinking alcohol and driving, it is very important to act responsibly. It is best when you completely avoid drinking alcohol at all if you are to get behind the wheel. This is why when going out as a group, it is recommended that one person act as designated driver for the evening and ensures everyone else gets home safely. Alcohol affects different people in a different way. In many ways how quickly you become intoxicated will depend on your gender, weight and whether you have had anything to eat at the time. In general women, those who are of lower weight and have not eaten will get drunk faster. In fact, because women have fewer muscles, they are advised to drink no more than 2 units of alcohol as compared to men that can drink up to 3 units comfortably. This is because muscle metabolizes alcohol faster.

When you have not eaten that evening, you will also find that you get drunk a lot faster. This is one of the reasons people are advised to eat while drinking. It will slow down the rate at which a person becomes drunk and eating will likely reduce the number of drinks you will indulge in. In most states one is deemed to be intoxicated when their blood alcohol content measures at 0.08 and above. At this level, a person will likely feel euphoric and less inhibited. This is why so many easily admit they have been drinking and accepts to perform field sobriety tests as they try to be social be with the officer. Beyond this level of inebriation however a person will like loose sensory feeling, be more unstable and have greater impaired judgment. The higher the levee of blood alcohol content according to your test, the more difficult your DUI defense will be. This is because higher levels are more difficult to refute.

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