Why Alcohol and Driving Should Not Mix

Drinking and DrivingThere are many skills that are engaged when a person is driving. When one however drinks alcohol excessively, these skills become impaired and poor choices are made by the driver that can lead to accidents and endangering the welfare of others. One of the first problems caused by excessive consumption of alcohol is that judgment is impaired. Mental faculties are dulled and slowed down. This makes it more difficult to react appropriately when driving. This is where offense like failing to stop for red traffic lights and overspeeding comes in. Concentration also becomes a problem as a person not only becomes easily distracted, but will often become very sleepy. This is most common when the drinking takes place at the end of the day. The combination of tiredness and alcohol causes many to fall asleep at the wheel while the vehicle is still in motion and end up in crashes.

There basic senses also become impaired. Vision problems are quite common as drunk driver find it harder to control eye movement. This is one of the reasons the pen or horizontal gaze nystagmus test is conducted. Judgment of distances also becomes a problem as such drivers will often misjudge their distance from other vehicles and objects and easily crash into them as they did not break in time. Such drivers also find it difficult to sense bumps on the road. During crashes where fuel is leaking their sense of smell can also be impaired and fail to register the danger.  As indicated reaction time of such drivers is also impaired as they do not break in good time and often cause accidents this way. The higher the level of intoxication, the more difficult it will be to mount a good San Francisco DUI Defense. The issue is also further complicated if an accident is caused and people’s lives and property put in danger as a consequence.

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