Do Not Go for DUI Without a San Francisco Attorney

imagesGoing to a DUI trial without an attorney can end poorly. If you have received a citation for drunk driving in California, then you could be facing some harsh punishments if a judge convicts you. The penalty for a first time DUI offense includes 4 days to six months in jail. Additionally, you will have other penalties that you have to consider. For one, your fines may be $1,400 to $2,600. That is quite a bit to add to the expenses that you already have. The best you can do for yourself in this situation is call a reliable San Francisco DUI attorney.

Other Penalties for DUI

The state can suspend your driver’s license for up to 10 months for a DUI conviction. Additionally, your insurance company will charge you extra for your premium for a conviction of DUI. You will have a criminal record, as DUI is a criminal offense. Therefore, you may have trouble obtaining a new job or apartment. A DUI charge can cause a wealth of problems for you, but a San Francisco DUI Attorney will do his best to help you find your way out of the darkness. He or she can take several steps to make sure you do not end up in jail.

What Will a DUI Attorney Do?

Your DUI attorney will start by asking you questions about the case. He or she will want to know what happened with your arrest. The police must follow protocol any time they are conducting an arrest. They must read you your rights and explain the charge they are giving you. If any holes exist in the arrest procedure, then you may very well be excused from the case. Additionally, the prosecuting attorney must prove that you were the one behind the wheel when the police officer stopped you. An experienced attorney has several ways out of that situation.

You can contact a DUI attorney today for a consultation. During the consultation, you can discuss how you will work together on your case and try to obtain a dismissal in the matter.

Check this site to read more legal information regarding on DUI cases.

For more DUI Frequently Asked Questions please follow this link.

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