What To look For In A San Francisco DUI Attorney

imagesBefore you hire a DUI attorney, do some investigating first. The worst mistake you can make is hiring someone who is ill-equipped for the job. Here are a few things to consider doing when looking for a San Francisco DUI Attorney.

1) Conduct interviews with every possible candidate. If you have narrowed it down to two or three, talk to them. Don’t just go on word-of-mouth. Sometimes word-of-mouth can be the kiss of death. Know what you are getting into first.

2) Know their background and credentials. This may take some extra time on your part, but it’s going to be worth it. Research who they are and what they are like. You should do this even before the interview process. Are they capable of taking on the job? You need to know this, above anything else, before proceeding. Do they have experience with your particular case. Not every DUI case is the same. It’s not fair to you, to pick someone, just because they are DUI.

3) Find out where they went to school and what they studied. Maybe there is someone else better equipped to handle things. Find out how far they went in school. Did they go all the way? Did they just take a few night classes. That makes a difference too. Visit this site for full understanding on DUI offenses and laws.

4) Check on the money. How much are they going to charge, when everything is all said and done. Think about your budget too. Don’t assume that just because they are a good lawyer, you can cut a deal easily. If the fees are going to be too much, then find someone else.

5) Pick a person who knows how the law work inside and out. Don’t pick someone who isn’t on your side. They have to believe in you and your case 100%. They also have to know what tricks are going to be pulled. A good attorney will be able to navigate through your case, without flinching. He or she will also have good knowledge of how your state handles different procedures.

Click here to read more about San Francisco DUI Laws and Penalties.

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