DUI Attorney

imagesLoosing your driving privileges can not only be traumatic but unnecessary as well. Those who depend on a personal vehicle for work or other means are the ones who will pay the ultimate price when arrested for a DUI (driving under influence) be it their first offense or a repeat performance. On the other hand, in your search for legal representation it’s critical that you interview and hire only a “legal-eagle” attorney that specializes in drunk driving cases not one who’s specialty is taxes or real estate.

Why Hire A DUI Attorney?

Well for one thing being charged with driving under the influence can have serious consequences in most states. You know things like jail time, exorbitant court fines, not to mention having your vehicle impounded. In some more serious cases of repeat offenders a license can be suspended or revoked forcing you to file an SR22 to get back in the driving game. Some court judges may order a LID (ignition interlock device) installed in your car – ouch!

What About Penalties For Repeated DUI Offenses?

Penalties vary from state-to-state and depends on various factors. First lifetime DUI, the driver involved could face some short jail time, hefty fines, DUI schooling, community service, license suspension and probation. However things will really get “tough” if aggravated factors are included. This simply means having a past criminal history, prior convictions and if an accident or injury occurred, your San Francisco DUI Attorney will have their work cut out for them.

In any event your DUI attorney can assist in insuring your legal rights are protected. A skilled DUI defense is required, so hire the best you can afford.

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Learn more on how to find a good DUI lawyer to represent your case.

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