Information About Drunk Driving Dangers

1Every year millions of people make the mistake of drunk driving. This can cause many consequences not just for the driver, but to others as well. Here is some information about drunk driving dangers.

Drunk Driving Can Lead to Prison Time

People who are caught drunk driving can be arrested and even face prison time. This is because the act is a crime. It is important for people to remember that driving is a skill and alcohol can impair a person’s judgment. This can make it so that people weave, drive too fast or too slow. This can cause accidents to occur.

People who drive drunk will have a blood alcohol content level that meets or exceeds .08. If a person is under 21, then the level will be .02 or more. Drunk driving can have consequences for the driver. Many people are killed each year in accidents relating to a person driving while intoxicated. This can impact not only other people on the road but also family members who would be grief stricken if a loved one was hurt or killed in an accident.

Most people do not drive drunk with the intention of inflicting harm on others. This is why it is crucial for people to value their own lives so that they make wiser choices. Police officers often put up sobriety check points as a way to screen drivers to determine if they have been consuming alcohol. This can help to make the roads safer for everyone.

People that know someone who drives while drunk should take the initiative to try to stop them. This can not only save their live, but the lives of others as well.


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