DUI Lawyers As Negotiators


DUI Lawyers Don’t Just Defend

Many people who are charged with a DUI mistakenly believe that just because they are guilty of the crime, they should immediately plead guilty to the charge. This is one of the most critical errors that people make when approaching the subject of a DUI. While it’s true that there will be penalties for a DUI if you’re guilty of one, it’s also true that a good San Diego DUI attorneys isn’t just there to defend you. He’s there to negotiate for you, too. The sentencing portion of the process is the most important aspect in these cases. Even if you’re guilty, there’s much a lawyer can do to ensure that you pay the least amount of money possible for the crime and that you are treated fairly during sentencing.

Fines And Punishments

DUI’s carry hefty penalties with them. These penalties include the loss of a driver’s license, imprisonment, and additional counseling or classes. A lawyer is there to make sure that you get the best terms possible for your situation. If you have low income, then a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to see if court fees can be waived. If you need to get to work, he can negotiate terms about your license that can help keep you earning a living during your ordeal. Additional classes can sometimes be waived entirely based on your current work situation.

Contact a DUI Lawyer

Never plead guilty to any crime until you’ve first consulted a lawyer. Even if you truly are guilty, there are a host of things that a lawyer will help you negotiate with the court so that you receive the best outcome.

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