DUI Defense Cases

2Do not be too worried if you get pulled over for a DUI if the officer only tested you for alcohol by giving you a sobriety test and were never given an actual breathalyzer or blood test. This is because in these cases, the officer made a mistake in never getting you officially tested, leaving you with a very good chance of getting the case thrown out, because they never actually got your blood alcohol and that leaves the case in your favor. This is merely an example of something that can happen during your DUI arrest that leaves you with the ability to get it removed, however, you are only going to succeed in getting your case dropped if you do in fact have a lawyer that is representing you.

Getting a Lawyer

There is no chance to get your case dropped if you aren’t represented, although it has happened in the past, it is very unlikely. The reason is that a judge is not going to look at you the same as they would look at you if you have gone out and hired a San Diego DUI attorneys. They look at this much more seriously and will consider your case and the best part is that your lawyer is going to search every route possible to get the case dismissed and they will likely have a pretty good idea as to whether you are going to be successful or not. There are plenty of ways that a cop could screw up the process, leading to the case being removed completely. For instance, if they did not read you your rights properly, the case will be thrown out, regardless if they even have you on a breathalyzer as being far over the legal limit to operate a vehicle.

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