Hiring a DUI Lawyer should be the First thing You do After a Traffic Charge

1If you have been charged with DUI, the first thing you should do before anything else is to hire a good DUI attorney in San Diego. That is because without a lawyer, you could end up in court and quickly find yourself being given a much tougher sentence than you might have thought.

Finding a DUI lawyer — The easiest way to find a DUI lawyer is to look online for recommendations from people who have used one in the past. You should easily be able to find several in your area to choose from and, once you have checked out their websites, be able to arrange for a free initial consultation to see if one particular lawyer is someone you would like to hire.

Arrange a free consultation — Make an appointment to meet with a lawyer you think may be perfect for you and your case. In the meeting, lay out your case quickly and ask what the lawyer would recommend you do. You should discover quickly from what he says whether you like this lawyer, and if you think he could be the right one for your case. Agree to hire him if you do so you can both get started preparing for your court date.

What to expect before court — Any DUI lawyer you hire will have you walk through every step of your case, and ask you questions about things a judge or jury may also ask. He will do research on your case, on any people you may have been involved in an accident with, as well as look carefully at the police evidence. Once everything is researched, he will then make a decision as to how he will approach the case, and begin to help you rehearse for when you appear in court.

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