Your Local DUI Lawyers to the Rescue

2Convicted of driving under the influence is a life changing experience. First you get to spend a little time in jail while being processes, where you experience all the worst of the worst sitting and waiting for their time to see a judge. many times you get into altercations with criminals looking to cause trouble, and it can have a negative impact on your case if you are found to be fighting in jail. The sooner you call local DUI lawyers and get working on your case, the sooner you can try to put back the pieces of your life as quickly as possible.

Why Call a Lawyer?
If you think you can put together a solid case against the arresting officer, you might want to think again about your decision. The arresting officer goes through great pains to make sure your rights are upheld and multiple tests are performed on you during the arrest. DUI lawyers will go back to the pullover and ask to watch the video of the arrest to make certain that your rights were in fact upheld throughout. Your lawyer can see even the smallest inconsistency and bring it to the attention of the judge.

Working With a Judge
DUI lawyers have seen this judge in the courtroom many times before. He understands what the judge will accept and what he rejects as far as evidence to lessen possible charges. Your lawyer is going to try and reduce your fines, reinstate your license, and help you to avoid any potential jail time. Your San Diego DUI attorneys understands what the judge will and will not go lenient on, so if you were to try this on your own you would be very sorry in the end when the judge hands down a harsh sentence that affects you for years.

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