Working With Your Local DUI Lawyer

2Being arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence is a serious and life-changing event. Even if you did not injure another party, you still stand to suffer financially for many years to come if you are found guilty. Do not make the costly mistake of trying to do the right thing and plead guilty without the help of a knowledgeable professional local San Diego DUI attorneys. The cost in the end could be more than money, it could be serious time sitting in a dangerous jail cell.

Consider the Alternatives
Taking your chances of going without a legal aide in court could result in you losing more than you might realize. In addition to those huge penalties and annual fines that you will be subjected to, the judge also will take your drivers license for the foreseeable future. The biggest risk you have of trying to go head to head with the judge and arresting officer without the help of the knowledgeable professional local DUI lawyer is you could face jail time. The judge may want to make an example of you and sentence you to a lengthy stay in your local jail.

The Ultimate Results
When you hire a knowledgeable professional local DUI lawyer, they will begin to analyze your case from the start. The law firm will acquire the video from the police that was made during your arrest and of you taking field sobriety tests. The police must conduct themselves in a set manner, and if they violate that process, the lawyer could ask the judge to use this as grounds for dismissal. You will never be able to attain these results if you think you should go to court and throw yourself at the mercy of the judge. He could wind up throwing the book at you.


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