Choosing the Most Reliable DUI Lawyer

1The reason you want to take your time and choose the best DUI lawyer is because they can help you to get through some of the most challenging times that await you. Being convicted of driving while intoxicated is more that an insurance surcharge and some fines. If you have not yet spoken to a San Diego DUI attorney, consider the following reasons for getting in touch with one as quickly as possible.

The Penalty for DUI
The penalty for DUI is different in many states, but one thing is for certain, the judge will have at their discretion the ability to hand down some serious penalties. The first of course being your loss of driving privileges for a significant amount of time. The judge can also impound your vehicle and schedule you for community service. The, depending on the severity of your case, you could be sentenced to a serious amount of time in jail. The fines can mount up for years, costing you the ability to work and earn a living. Your DUI lawyer can work with the court to try for probation or getting the charges reduced to reckless driving in many cases.

Meeting With Your Lawyer
Before you choose any lawyer you saw on television or got a mailing from, take advantage of a free initial consultation and sit down with them to discuss their business. Find out who will be handling your case, how much success they have in these cases, and what is the average outcome of cases that have tried in court with similar cases.

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