Save Your Future with the Right DUI Lawyer

2When you are arrested for driving while under the influence, you might not be aware of the serious charges you are about to face. Your local DUI lawyer has the experience to help you to avoid the serious charges and get you the best possible settlement. Before you simply go to court and accept your punishment, you might want to be sure what you are about to be facing.

The Charges Are Mounting
The first thing you will notice is the judge in the DUI case is not going to be impressed if you decided to plead guilty and accept your fate. The judge will begin handing down the punishment, beginning with a serious loss of license that is dependent on how many times you have been arrested for the same charge. Next the judge will impose fines that are going to affect you for several years to come. If anyone was injured or if you are a habitual offender, be prepared to see some jail time too. The San Diego DUI attorneys are your best hope to plead your case and get a lesser sentence.

Studying the Arrest Process
One way that the DUI lawyer will get your charges lessened is by looking at the arrest process and see if everything was followed to the letter by the arresting and booking officers. If anything was out of the ordinary during the arrest, the testing process, or the booking, your lawyer will get video from the police and be able to use that information to try and get your charges lessened to reckless.

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